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Our theme for this half term is Around the World and next week we will be learning about Spain.

Now it is summery weather ...
... please ensure your child continues to come into pre-school with footwear appropriate for physical activities including climbing.  No open toed sandals or crocs please.  Also, whilst we are enjoying the sunshine, please ensure you add a layer of sun protection cream
before your child comes to pre-school and also bring a sun hat for outside play.

GDPR – data protection and privacy

As you may be aware, some new regulations around data protection and privacy are being introduced in May.  We always keep data about you and your child very secure, but in order to comply with the new regulations we will be issuing you with our updated privacy notice and will need you to sign and return consent to allow us to continue to hold and use data.  This notice and consent form will be given out next week.

Booster immunisations
Please find attached a leaflet on child immunisations.  It is recommended that children of pre-school age have some booster immunisations before going to primary school.  If your child has not yet had these, you may wish to arrange an appointment with your GP


Please find attached our newsletter for this half term, containing term dates, other dates for your diary and important updates on what is happening at pre-school. 

Newsletter AprMay 2018.docx


Snacks first half summer termWeb.docx

Health Visitor clinics

Below is a link to a timetable of Health Visitor clinics across Bromley.  These are drop in sessions so you are
free to go along at any time to talk to a Health Visitor about any concerns you have about your child.


Waiting in the coffee lounge before the start of the session  

We are very fortunate to be able to allow parents to wait inside in the comfort of the coffee lounge before the start of the session.  Please ensure that children are supervised during this time. There is a box of books in the coffee lounge that you can share with your child and you are of course welcome to bring something quiet to amuse your child while waiting.

Absences – sickness and holidays

If your child is unwell and will not be coming to pre-school, please report the absence on the first day of non-attendance.  This should be done by texting or leaving a voice mail on the pre-school telephone: 07706 708211.

If you are planning to take a holiday during term time, please let us know the dates by e-mailing Ginia or via Contact Us.

A few reminders:

Bags: Please only bring in a bag for your child if either your child is not yet fully toilet trained (and so needs nappies or a change of clothing) or will be going home with somebody different (and therefore needs various things for the afternoon).  With so many bags in the cloakrooms, children are finding it difficult to find and return their coats independently – an important skill in preparation for primary school.

Clothing:  Please remember to clearly name any items of removable clothing. 
Please encourage your children to take off and hang their own coats on the lower level of hooks in the appropriate boys/girls’ cloakrooms.  Also Velcro fastening shoes are highly recommended for little ones learning to dress and undress themselves.

Footwear:  Please make sure your child comes to pre-school in footwear that is suitable for use on the climbing apparatus and for going outside when it is both cold and wet underfoot.  Sandals and dressing up style shoes are neither safe or appropriate.

If you require additional copies of this newsletter for childminders etc, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

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