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Our theme this half term is All about me.  This week we will be learning about Taking care of me.  We shall be receiving a visit from the Dental Hygienist.

Show and tell for all children

You should have received a note home last week asking you to help your child to choose something to bring to the pre-school for show and tell on a given day next week.  We look forward to your child showing and talking about their item.

Lava bottles

The children have really enjoyed making their lava bottles.  If you would like to reactivate these at home, just add an effervescent tablet.

Half term

This week is our last week before half term so our last day will be Friday 19 October.  We look forward to welcoming the children back for the second half of term on Monday 29 October.


Christmas shoeboxes
Please see the notice on the board about Christmas shoeboxes.  Every year we support this scheme which encourages you to fill a shoebox with small gifts for a child in another country who would otherwise receive nothing this Christmas.  Choosing
small items over the next few weeks with your child is a great way to teach them about sharing and giving to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  All the details you need are in the notice and the shoeboxes need to be returned during the week following the autumn half term.  If you need any further information, do ask Diane or Ginia.  Thank you very much for your support.

Helping with early maths

This week the children who will be going to school in September have been playing snakes and ladders.  This is a really good game to help with counting and number recognition.  If you would like to play at home you can download a copy of the board we used here.


Parents whatsapp group
Yik-Yan, our parent rep, have has set up a whatsapp group to help keep you in touch with each other and what is going on at CEL.  If you would like to join this group, please text Yik-Yan - details provided in email update - or email Ginia. 

Contacting the pre-school

If you have any queries about admissions, days of attendance, funding, payments, changing your contact information, term dates or need to advise about forthcoming holidays, please e-mail Diane.  However, please be aware that she is not at the pre-school every day, so if you need to contact us about day to day issues, including reporting absence, please contact Ginia.

Children’s bags and Coats
There are a number of bags in the cloakrooms that are not named.  If your child has a toileting accident it is important that the staff can access your child’s bag quickly in order to minimise any distress.  They can only do so if your child’s bag is clearly named on the outside.  

Clothing:  Please remember to clearly name any items of removable clothing. Please encourage your children to take off and hang their own coats on the lower level of hooks in the appropriate boys/girls’ cloakrooms.  Also Velcro fastening shoes are highly recommended for little ones learning to dress and undress themselves.

Footwear:  Please make sure your child comes to pre-school in footwear that is suitable for use on the climbing apparatus and for going outside when it is both cold and wet underfoot.  Sandals and dressing up style shoes are neither safe nor appropriate.  If children wear wellingtons into preschool please remember to bring shoes to change into as wellingtons are unsafe for climbing etc and do not allow children's feet to breathe.

Bringing food into pre-school
Please note that no food or sweets should be brought into pre-school either with the children or in their bags, except if you have any arrangement to bring in a particular snack due to allergies, in which case this should be handed in on arrival.  If there is any other reason your child needs to bring food into pre-school, please speak to Ginia to ensure it is kept in a safe place during the session.


Please ask Diane or Ginia if you require additional uniform.  We always have uniform in stock so this will usually be available straight away.


Please take a look at our newsletter for this half term.  It contains lots of additional information about what is happening at pre-school and also important dates for your diary.

Newsletter Sept-Oct 2018.docx

If you require additional copies of this newsletter for childminders or carers, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


Details of snacks for the first half of the term are detailed in the document below.

Snacks first half autumn term.docx

Crofton Lane closure

Many of you will already know that Crofton Lane is closed to through traffic just outside Crofton Baptist Church and is likely to remain closed for at least the next two weeks.  Please allow for this when making your journey to pre-school.  The church car park will not be available for you to use for parking during this time so please think ahead about where you will park if you need to travel by car.

Waiting in the coffee lounge before the start of the session  

We are very fortunate to be able to allow parents to wait inside in the comfort of the coffee lounge before the start of the session.  Please ensure that children are supervised during this time. There is a box of books in the coffee lounge that you can share with your child and you are of course welcome to bring something quiet to amuse your child while waiting.

Absences – sickness and holidays

If your child is unwell and will not be coming to pre-school, please report the absence on the first day of non-attendance.  This should be done by texting or leaving a voice mail on the pre-school telephone: 07706 708211.

If you are planning to take a holiday during term time, please let us know the dates by e-mailing Ginia or via Contact Us.A few reminders:Bags: Please only bring in a bag for your child if either your child is not yet fully toilet trained (and so needs nappies or a change of clothing) or will be going home with somebody different (and therefore needs various things for the afternoon).  With so many bags in the cloakrooms, children are finding it difficult to find and return their coats independently – an important skill in preparation for primary school.

Booster immunisations 

Please find below a leaflet on child immunisations.  It is recommended that children of pre-school age have some booster immunisations before going to primary school.  If your child has not yet had these, you may wish to arrange an appointment with your GP (doctor).


Health Visitor clinics

Below is a link to a timetable of Health Visitor clinics across Bromley.  These are drop in sessions so you are
free to go along at any time to talk to a Health Visitor about any concerns you have about your child.


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